We’re Not Ready For AI

Most asset managers don’t understand that AI is a game-changer that can quickly 10x productivity of analysts and PM’s. Our industry as a whole, woefully lacks understanding and is unprepared.

But there is hope.  This is the value of DoTadda. We help orgs of any size quickly have an AI strategy. Not just a slide deck, but working AI, even on your phone. Imagine the hypothetical board member question, “What is our AI strategy?”, and handing your phone to the board member, and saying, “Mrs. Board member, type what do we know about recession indicators?,” and the answer starts flowing.

We also help you manage the tidal wave of information and drive insights and analysis from that information.

And we do it simply. You don’t need to design a data structure. You don’t need to pick a vector database vendor (depending on the size of the team, selecting a vector database provider could take a year because all the vendors are so amazing), you don’t need to design a UI, or permissions, or an admin function, or a method to prep database entries for auto-summarization, auto-tagging, key-word search, semantic search, or “chat” search. And you won’t need developers to knit this all together. You just turn DoTadda on and it works.

This opportunity excites me. Let us help you figure out and get value from AI.  Deploy in under 51 hours and 28 minutes.

Reach out on LinkedIn.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-meister-7254104