Your Data, Your Questions, Your Answers

When we started DoTadda, we focused on finding your business content like emails, files and notes, really, really fast. 

Our hypothesis was “search” in apps is generally terrible, like searching for an email or a file. You don’t get the needle with search in these products, you get the whole haystack.

My favorite part of demos was to type in a stock ticker and immediately (milliseconds) get the file to the model back in our search results, because I knew how long it would take to do this simple search on the network drive. It was an easy win in a demo. 

The same was true of finding broker research: type in a ticker and a broker and boom, all that broker’s research on said ticker shows up. Another easy win.

But now with LLM’s DoTadda can be even more powerful, hence the title. LLM’s can help search results, summarize an individual database entry or multiply entries. It can help you dig deep into trends. All on your data or external data you trust. 

We are not abandoning blazingly fast key-word search on your data, but rather augmenting the understanding of your data with semantic seach and “chat”.

The difficulty here is the UI, simply because blending three different types of interaction with your data is quite novel. Needless to say we’re working on an elegant, clean sheet of paper solution. Stay-tuned.



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