I Just Fixed How I do Demos.

I did my first demo of DoTadda, where I inverted what I typically do in a demo and it was magic!  So what do I typically do?

1) I hop on the call and after intros and small talk, share my screen and show what the app can do.  As I do the demo, I answer the questions that pop up.

2) Then I ask, "what do you think?   Have any questions?" and then drill down in the app if the potential fan asked, "Can it do this?" Yes, of course, it can do that and I would show them.

But there is a better way. 👇 👇 👇

In this demo, I had the potential fan share their screen.

1) In one click, I onboarded them.

2) Once they were in the app, I said "click add new timeline button"

3) Then I showed them how to add entries in the app.

4) I talked them through other things the app can do, all while they drove.  

Why was this magic? In 15 minutes they were onboarded, had their workspace setup in DoTadda, and we’re trying new things.   Soon they were leading the demo, saying things like “now I’m going to make it do this” or “could I set it up like this for team reviews?”

I was watching them ideate on their use case in real-time. I watched the future fan of our app become a fan right in front of me. What a profound learning! 💡  If you want to stay tuned on our progress.  Please subscribe to our blog.